Brown Friends

This morning I told the boys that we would be hosting a gathering at our house tonight and that our guests would be other families with Ethiopian kids. Mikias's face lit up. "Our brown friends are coming over?"

I told him there would be some Ethiopian kids that they knew and that some new friends would also be coming. "But they will be brown, right?" Well, yeah, I explained but some also have white and asian siblings.

"That's okay as long as there are a lot of brown kids." We talked about this for a few minutes. Mikias said he loved ALL of his friends but most of them were white and sometimes it just felt good to be with kids who were like him and Jemberu.

I know what he means, I like being with families who are like ours too. I like all of our friends but most of their families all match. There is something cool about being with families that look like ours. We don't match but we belong together.