Are they brothers?

When Kurt and I decided to add to our family through adoption, I knew we would be asked a lot of questions by people we didn't know. I was ready for that. Being an adoptee myself, I felt like I was kind of an expert. I knew we would be asked more than my parents were because we are a conspicuously adoptive family but I was cool and (I thought) prepared.

The question that has thrown me is the one that is asked the most. One look at my boys prompts the question, "Are they brothers?". I know that they mean biological brothers but I can't help but cringe a little when this is asked, particularly in front of the boys. I have tried several approaches to answering this. "Well, they're both calling me mom!" usually triggers the response "no, I mean....." As if I don't know what they mean! If I say "yes" I get "real brothers?" or something similar....grrrrr. I can't help but wonder why this matters to people. For the record, my sons are not biological siblings but they are definitely brothers.