I'm proud and excited (and don't want her to go!!)

She may be the 2nd of four children but my Maddy is no middle child. She was the youngest for 14 years when we added Mikias to our family and she continues to be our baby girl.

I got a call today from the company that will be driving Maddy's car to Texas, where she will be attending Baylor University. The man was calling to confirm that Maddy's car would be picked up on Friday. This Friday. It's really happening. She will be gone soon. To Texas.

With all the wonderful colleges in Boston, an hour from home, she chose Texas. I was excited for her, when she was accepted. We visited Baylor and both loved it. I could picture her there and was excited and proud. I have changed my mind. Texas is a stupid idea and I don't want her to go.

When Maddy went off to kindergarten, she was a mess. She was so homesick that she had to visit her 3rd grade sister at least once a day when she found herself in tears. At the end of everyday, she vowed not to return the next day. "I can't help it Mom. I close my eyes and can picture your face and I just want to be with you." I would tell her that I understood, I missed her too. "No Mom, you don't understand. I have loved you for my whole life and you have only loved me since you were 27."

This didn't improve much as she got older. She wouldn't go to slumber parties unless I prearranged with the mom in charge to pick her up at the end of the fun but before the actual slumbering. Summer camp? She would knock on the door of the camp director and explain that she had to be sent home and let him know she would do whatever it took to make that happen.

Some improvement occurred when she became a teenager but she always called, got a little choked up asked me if I missed her as much as she missed me. I did.

A couple of weeks ago, Maddy spent 5 days at Baylor for orientation. We talked everyday. She got choked up and asked if I missed her too. Then something happened. She met some kids and had a fantastic time with them. She talked about them non-stop the whole ride home from Logan airport.

She is packing. She picked out new bedding. We ordered carpeting and a micro fridge for her dorm room. She is excited. I am excited for her. I still don't want her to go....even if I have only loved her since I was 27.