I try so hard....but I will never be a perfect mom!

check out the school supplies spilling out from the bottom  of the bag
I hate for summer to be over, I always have. I hated with the girls but hate it even more with the boys. That is the girls fault...because of them I am painfully aware how quickly these days go by.

As I reluctantly took out the backpacks last night, I made some resolutions for the school year. I will be more organized, no more screaming and rushing in the morning for us. Since I will have more time, I will plan meals better, we will eat healthier. I will not forget things, permission slips will be in on time. I am pretty sure I am on the road to being....amazing! As I packed up Mikias's contribution to his classrooms supplies I was feeling pretty darn good about this upcoming school year.

As Mikias boarded the bus for his first day, I saw that I had already failed. I should have double bagged the classroom supplies.

Perfection eluded me today. I will try again tomorrow.