Our Whole and Tired Family Wears Swim Spoots and Sun Scream

Such is life when you adopt older children who are English language learners. I remember Devyn and Maddy entertaining us in a similar way when they were tiny. But there is something very unexpected and precious about a second grader who gets off the school bus and declares "I want to go out and play so let me get my homework done splikity dick."

Need to make a promise? Well, we'll need to pinkie square to seal the deal. Jemberu's favorite cartoon character is that lovable dog, Scooty Boo.

Last year for Halloween Jemby told everyone that Mikias was terrifying as a grampire. 'No Jem, Mikias is a vampire.' Jem would correct us while rolling his eyes 'No..Mikias is only pretending to be a grampire!'

Mikias would never leave his food without asking first "Canoe watch this for me?" He also quickly came to the conculsion that everything could be fixed with 'newbatteries'.

When we didn't understand what he wanted, Mikias would take us by the hand and say 'Let me I show you'. The past for Mikias was 'yes-today' and for Jem all things past are still 'last year ago'.

Language isn't the only entertainment. Watching the boys grasp this new world they now inhabit is also fun. In kindergarten Mikias got off the bus one day, took me by the hand and told me he needed to ask me an important question. "Mackenzie told me about a magical place, fun for all children...she called it Disney. Have you heard about this? Could it be real?" His eyes were huge as he looked at me in wonder. When I told him that Mackenzie spoke the truth. "For truly?" he asked to make sure I was not kidding.

I sure hope it doesn't seem like I am making fun of my boys. I would rather be shot in the eyes with laser beans than make fun of them. I pinkie square.