Soccer Lessons

This is the 4th season Mikias has played soccer.  He has never had trouble grasping the concept that he can never use his hands.  Until this week that is.  Last week Mikias played goalie for the first time and it took him a few minutes to feel confident using his hands when his soccer instincts told him not to.  Once he grasped the power he had that the other players didn't, he did a great job in net.  He loved grabbing the ball and making saves. 

This week, he was scheduled to be in goal again for the second half of the game.  He played defense the first half.  Suddenly he forgot the big rule of soccer, no hands.  Three times (pretty much in a row) when the ball got too close to the net, he dove on it, grabbed it and scooped it up.  The referee, his coach and his screaming parents reminded him not to do that.  He good naturedly smiled that smile that says 'oh yeah...sorry' and continued to play (patiently waiting for his turn in net).  The third time he did it, I was standing next to a dad from the other team.  He snorted loudly and said 'that kid keeps grabbing the ball' while shaking his head like my kid was a moron.  I told him the ball grabber was my son and that I thought he was confused because he played goalie last week.  I asked him which child was his so that I could perhaps make fun of him in my mind.  No such luck, his kid was fine, didn't do a single stupid thing.  I could tell after I told him that Mikias was my son that he felt badly for talking about him. He kept making friendly small talk and I indulged him...slightly.  I kind of wanted him to feel a little bad, not just for making fun of Mikias but also for assuming that his mother wasn't standing right next to him. 

At half time, I wanted to tell my husband about what happened but he had something he wanted to tell me.  While Mikias and another boy were warming the bench, Kurt overheard the other boy say to Mikias, "Your parents bought you."  Mikias responded but Kurt couldn't hear him.  We would have to wait to talk to Mikias after the game.  The entire second half, I watched Mikias (who was happily using his hands to make amazing saves!) to see if he looked upset.  He seemed fine but I was anxious to talk to him. 

We went to lunch after the game and Kurt brought the incident up to Mikias.  Mikias at first had no idea what Kurt was talking about but then recalled it, seemingly from the part of his brain that stores unimportant things.  He laughingly said his response to the boy was "No they didn't".  He rolled his eyes and said (like the kid in question was a moron) 'buying children is against the law right?'  I love that kid and his simple answer to his teammate.  I hope I can learn what he already figured out, when people say something stupid, give a simple response and let it go to the part of your brain that stores unimportant things.