31 Years

On this date, in 1978 I went on my first date with the guy who is still my husband.   He came to the door, met my parents and because we were not yet old enough to drive, his  mom drove us to the movies.  We saw a forgettable Woody Allen movie, 'Interiors'.  'Saturday Night Fever' was playing in the other theatre but we were too nervous to try to get in, it was rated R and we didn't know if at 15 we could pass for 17.  His brother Scott picked us up and drove me home.  Before kissing me goodnight, Kurt asked me to be his girlfriend.  I married him a little less than 5 years later and I am pretty sure people thought we were crazy (I am pretty sure they were right) but we did celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary last August.

Recently, our oldest daughter, Devyn and I were talking about signs that people use to decorate, that we consider kind of corny. She is not a fan of  "Live, Laugh, Love" in spite of a similarly worded sign in our kitchen.  I don't like "Who Are These Children and Why are They Calling me Mom!", mainly because I am over 40 years older than our youngest and fear that might really be me someday.  We did, however, agree that we did like the sign "...All Because Two People Fell in Love".  We talked of how true it is, how families are made all because two people struck up a conversation, went on a first date....fell in love.

Kurt never fails to remember this day and I love that about him.  I think I might go out and buy that sign tomorrow.