My close friend Bethe, has been visiting us this week from Indiana.  I will never forget how Mikias greeted her the first time they met.  He took one look at my curly haired friend and said, "You Annie?"    He was pretty disappointed that his new friend was not Little Orphan Annie. At that time in his life, he was obsessed with Annie.

  Six weeks after Mikias came home, we went on vacation.  Mikias loved to watch movies but our beach house had a limited supply.  We showed him the selection of  kids movies and let him pick what he wanted to see.  He chose an old VHS copy of  'Annie'.  As in 'Little Orphan Annie'.  Sometimes, Kurt and I are idiots.  We let our child, who just left an orphanage, who spoke very little English, watch  a movie about a horrible orphanage, in which the children are worked to the bone by the drunken woman who is placed in charge of them.  In this orphanage, a child apparently could be taken out, much like a library book, by a millionaire with no screening whatsoever. The orphan could enjoy the good life for a time before being returned to the orphanage.  Well, unless that is,  the orphan is lucky enough to win the heart of the millionaire and then she can live happily ever after.  Yes...good choice, pop it in the VCR.

Thankfully, we don't appear to have damaged our son.  Mikias loved Annie.  The rest of our vacation he woke up every day and the first word out of his mouth was "ANNIE!!".  He couldn't get enough of the adorable redhead.  He watched it twice a day and would have watched it more if we had allowed it.  When we got home, we bought it on DVD and he continued to be charmed by it and loved belting out his own comical version of  'Tomorrow'.

As luck would have it a few weeks later Kurt found out that 'Annie' was coming to the Providence Performing Arts Center.  Naturally, we got tickets and took our new son.  We walked in to the majestic theatre and were quickly aware of how odd we looked in that crowd.  I guess I should have predicted that the crowd would be filled, not with former orphans, but with little girls in fancy dresses and their parents.  Walking through the lobby we couldn't help but notice faces in the crowd do a 'double take' when we walked by. We also noticed that the double takes were accompanied by smiles, especially when they overheard Mikias asking us  "Where is she, I need to see Annie!"    
The minute she came on the stage, he yelled "Hey Annie, it's me, Mikias!!".  Kurt did a great job of helping him understand that we needed to sit quietly and watch.

His Annie obsession lasted another month or so and then our boy was on to new obsessions, like legos.  A few days before Bethe arrived Kurt asked Mikias if he remembered thinking she was Annie.  He didn't.  In fact, he didn't seem to remember his Annie phase at all.

 When we see Bethe, we like to greet her with "You Annie?"   Mikias may not remember, but we will never forget it.