Gotcha Day!

Chocolate cake has been requested, homemade.  I will also buy and wrap one special gift.  It is Jemberu's Gotcha Day tomorrow and it is a big deal at our house.  Families formed by adoption celebrate this day in different ways and by different names, Family Day and Adoption Day to name a couple.  Some celebrate the day an adoption becomes final, some the day they met their child.  We celebrate the day we got off of the plane at Logan airport (that is where we are in the photo) with our newest son, the day he met his big sisters and big brother...the day we became this family of six. 

I have read a couple of articles written by people who don't like the name Gotcha Day.  One person said it makes it sound like they snatched the child from the birth parents.  Another said that it is what you say when you kill a pesky mosquito.  I happen to like Gotcha Day, it works for our family.  Family Day doesn't seem right, we were already a family.  Adoption Day doesn't feel right either, his adoption was final in Ethiopia before we even met him and not final in America until a little over a year after we brought him home.  Both of our sons were 'waiting children', meaning they were in an orphanage waiting for their forever family to find them.  Gotcha Day celebrates the end of the wait, the beginning of forever.  The day we all got each other. 

My own Gotcha Day was a couple of weeks ago.  When I was growing up, this meant I would hear 'my story' again.  I would groan when my dad would get to the part about my stinky diaper and my mom being so excited to go pick me up at the adoption agency that she forgot to bring a diaper bag.  My groaning didn't fool anyone, I loved every detail of  'my story'.  My parents are gone but I always remember my own special day and the unbelievable good fortune that made me their daughter.

No matter what day you choose, or what you call it, it is a day worthy of celebration. We have been Jemberu's family for two years and we will eat cake and tell Jemby 'his story'.  Lucky us.