More Thoughts Regarding Gotcha Day

In my email inbox this morning were the top 10 articles of Adoptive Families magazine for this past month.  I found it  ironic to find this article on Gotcha Day, since I just wrote about our own Gotcha Day for Jemberu.

I hold my ground.  Gotcha Day works for us and I don't want anyone to try to tell us what to call our special day.  I don't think that the term is disrespectful to adoptees or insensitive to birth families or to the losses our children go through when they become ours.  If your family feels otherwise, I respect that and your right to call your day whatever you would like.

  The boys love Gotcha Day, they see it as we do...the day they got us and we got them. I will not be made to feel badly about that.  Sibling Day, Family Day, Adoption Day.....let each family decide and and let us all respect that choice!  My friend Mia adopted 2 siblings from Ethiopia at the same time as we were adopting Jemberu.  They call it their family-versary.  My friend Donald celebrates they day his children moved into their home, it's their anniversary. 

We've got another Gotcha Day coming up at the end of January and I can't wait to celebrate Mikias, our much loved child and the day we got each other.  I will bake a cake (and it will not be pretty but it will be made with love) and it will say Happy Gotcha Day and if that makes anyone frown with disapproval....that's just too darn bad.