Trophy Orphans

My Minx - a new web game that allows you to dress your character in sexy lingerie and adopt orphans
'My Minx' describes itself as an online fashion game for girls.  A girl creates her own naked 'Minx', she chooses skin color, hairstyle and even breast size (two choices; big and really big).  She then builds her very own 'style empire'.  She can dress in the sexiest fashions and do all sorts of great things, including having one night stands (don't worry, condoms and the morning after pill are available for sale with the game's currency).  The most important thing to do is be stylish.  So in the spirit of ultimate style, orphans are available to adopt.  A minx simply goes to Style City shopping center and walks into the Adoption Center. There are orphans in the window, just to entice you in.  An orphan is chosen by profiles of children waiting to be adopted.  For example Alile  is 3, she is from Malawi and her favorite food is insects.

There is the argument that this game is just reflecting and lampooning celebrity culture.  I don't buy it.  Alile's favorite food is insects?  Are you kidding me?  I can't figure out if that is meant to be funny or just demeaning. Aren't there enough ignorant people who really believe that people adopt children from other countries or races because it is trendy or fashionable or because they want to be like Angelina?  Do we really need a game aimed at girls that perpetuates this kind of thinking?