The Labeler

Not too long ago, I bought a labeler and I really love it.  It makes my filing system look professional, I feel good every time I open my drawer to file something.  I label the boy's sports equipment and electronics.  I told Kurt about it after I bought it and he asked me what was for dinner.  I told my neighbor, Dawn, and for some reason, my enthusiasm made her laugh at me.  After I labeled a few things that belong to my boys, they responded with kind of a dull "Cool, Mom."  I banked on one person to think it was as awesome as I did, Gibson.  He is my 6 year old neighbor, a smart, intense, mostly serious kind of guy.  I told him I bought a labeler and he wanted all the details.  I offered to label some of his important things for him, he grabbed his DSi and Leapster and we headed next door to take care of it immediately.  Gibson is my kind of kid.  After we labeled, he was ready to head home.  I said, "When ever you need something labeled, you just head over and I'll take care of you."  He looked me in the eye and said "But, what if your're not home?  What if you are volunteering in Jem or Miki's class?"  I said, "You can just wait until I get home, okay?"  Gibson, glad to have a plan, agreed.

I like my labeler because it makes clear what is what.  It makes things easy to identify and find.  While I think all of my kids are (mostly) nice, 3 of them have great skills in seeing the positive and negative qualities of their peers.  One, does not have this skill.  He likes everyone, he is quick to give a second chance (even when I wouldn't recommend doing so) and is not fast to realize when someone is being unkind to him.  I wish I could use my labeler to help him out.  I would love to type labels that could guide him in choosing friends, deciding which children he should invest in and which he should avoid.  I would take my labeler and put my labels right where he (and no one else) could read them.  There are a couple kids I would label 'BULLY..stay clear!' Another I would label, 'Shy but get to know him...he likes Legos as much as you do!" Another I would label  'Nice in front of adults but mean when they aren't around'. One kid would get the label 'Social climber, will only hang out with you when someone he thinks is cooler is not around' There are several boys and girls that I would label  'Nice, fun kid, great choice for a friend!'.  One or two kids would get the label, 'Could use a nice friend like you!'.  

Too bad my labeler can't work that kind of magic.  In the meantime, I will keep giving him guidance as best I can and appreciate the fact that if I could label him it would say, 'Good friend who will always see the best in you'.