Rainy Days

Today was the 3rd day in a row of clouds and rain.  More than 2 days always seem to make me feel blue.  It doesn't help that tomorrow's forecast doesn't look any better.  This morning, I dragged the boys to the YMCA with me so that I could work out.  I hoped it would lift my mood but I still felt gloomy and yawned through the entire class even though I got a good 9 hours of sleep last night.

Then in spite of me, things kept happening that made me laugh. 

On the way home from the Y, I was frustrated to be behind a septic pumping truck....until I read the the quote on the back,  'Caution, this truck is full of political promises'. 

I overheard Jemby talking to our dog,  He said a lot to Addis while laying on the dog bed with him including:

"I like fitball but I don't like all of the listening they make you do."  At this point I told Jemby that it was 'football' that he plays not 'fit ball'.  He told me I was lying because that doesn't make any sense. (Mikias originally thought the game was called flipball but believed me when I corrected him, he also thinks the name football is nonsense.).  

 "Addis stop licking my face, I am trying to grow a beard."  When I asked him what he just said, he said ''Nothing".  Apparently the beard is meant to surprise us.

Jemby and I were making kale soup this afternoon, while Mikias was playing a game on my computer in the kitchen.  Jemby doesn't like kale soup but loves to help cook.  Kale soup  is one of Mikias' favorites and he has been asking for it for the last couple of weeks.  Jemby said to me "Pretend this is our restaurant and I am the chef, and you are my girl chef and Mikias is our patient and our restaurant is the coolest because we have video games while you wait for the chef to make your food."   

The final thing that brought me out of my funk was overhearing Mikias singing this song to himself to the tune of "Bingo", 
"I have a family that's so cool and Noyce is our name-o, N-O-Y-C-E, N-O-Y-C-E, N-O-Y-C-E, N-O-Y-C-E and Noyce is our name-o.

It reminded me that "Although it's raining and kind of cold, I am pretty lucky, L-U-C-K-Y......."