Dancing Football Players

Big events make for big expectations.  Christmas morning or a long dreamed about trip create pressure for perfection and memories that will last a lifetime.  When something goes wrong, the disappointment becomes magnified.  This is why as much as I love big trips and holidays, I like everyday life even more.

Everyday life is filled doing what needs to be done.  Grocery shopping, walking the dog, taking the boys to sports practice, checking in with the girls, hanging out with my husband.  Good stuff, normal stuff, no expectations for amazing moments or big disappointments.

Friday evening, I was at Mikias's football practice.  They were working hard for their big game on Sunday. It was a gorgeous, crisp fall evening, the sun was beginning to set. The high school players came out to warm up for their game on the adjacent field.  Speakers blared the teams 'pump up' music.  I watched Mikias's team to see if it was going to distract them.  They were in the middle of a play, and those Jr. Pee Wees were pure focus.  However, the moment the play ended, I saw a few boys bust into dance moves. It was subtle, a few head bobs, one guy 'raising the roof' in a kind of modified way.  Then I saw my son, his moves not so subtle, he was full out gettin' down.  The whistle blew, the moment passed, the music continued  but the Jr. Pee Wees were back to work.  The play ended and the dancing stepped up a notch, at least half of the team were breaking out their moves.  The whistle blew and the boys (and one amazing girl) were back to work.  This went on for about a half an hour, each time more players dancing.  I have never had more fun watching football practice.

As the high school  game was about to start, I turned to face the flag for the national anthem.  I looked back  at the Jr. Pee Wees.  Their helmets were off, their hands were over their hearts and they stood as a team facing the flag. It was a beautiful sight.   As I am prone to doing, I teared up.  The whole evening was filled with unexpected moments.  Lovely moments.  Funny moments.

Sure, when I got home it was back to business. Picking up Jem at a birthday party.  Trying to convince my two sweaty boys that showering was not optional.  Squeezing in some quality time with Kurt before we both dropped off to sleep.  I know that these are magic moments too.  They makes those other kind of  moments more bearable.  Getting a note from a teacher because your boy is distracting his classmates while refusing to do his work or intervening in an argument as to whether the Wii game the boys are playing is called LOL Football as Jem insists or NFL Football as Mikias claims (which would be funny if they weren't screaming and hitting each other over it) are easier to take in stride when they are balanced by all those good moments.

My plan for the upcoming (you know they can't be avoided) not so great moments, is to picture dancing football players.  Not those silly, show off NFL (or is it LOL?) players with their practiced dances of victory, but the Jr. Pee Wees who danced because couldn't help themselves.