Parents Weekend

hanging out at touchdown alley

This past weekend was parents weekend at Maddy's school.  Kurt and I always look forward to this weekend.  We love having that time, just us and Maddy.  We enjoy getting to know her friends, going to her favorite restaurants and cheering at the football game together.

Almost as much fun as the time we have with her, is the time we have when we go back to our hotel and talk about her.  It is sweet and rewarding to be able to say, "Isn't she turning into a lovely adult?"  After investing two decades raising her, it is with genuine pride and gratitude that we gush about how great she is. "Aren't you so proud?"  "Me too."  "She's a great daughter."  "We are so lucky."

This year, Maddy threw us a curve ball, she wanted Mikias and Jemberu to come. She stated her case well.  She told me how much she missed them.  She reminded me that they had never been to Texas and that she was dying for her friends to meet them.  She pleaded for them to join us.  She wanted to show them Baylor and the house she lives in. I told her it was impossible, they couldn't miss school that Friday, they both had games to play in over the weekend, we probably couldn't get them on the flights that we had booked months ago.  As I explained to her all the reasons they couldn't come, I was on my computer booking their tickets so that we could surprise her.

Not only did we surprise Maddy (her reaction at seeing the boys at her door was priceless), she surprised us.  She has always been a great big sister, but watching her with her brothers on her own turf was delightful.  In the days before we arrived, she was arranging for a special gift for us to bring home to them.  She got autographed basketballs from both the men's and women's teams (including Brittney Griner- a woman who can DUNK!), a football signed by the entire football team, and caps signed by the baseball team.  Maddy was so happy to give these gifts to them in person.  I am glad she got to see the boys reactions, which was a combination of thrilled and impressed.

Sampling some Texas BBQ
Kurt and I spent much of the weekend just watching the 3 of them.  Maddy took so much pleasure in introducing them to her friends and to the wonders of her life in Texas.  The boys loved Rudy's BBQ, Tex-Mex and and especially Baylor football.  They learned to make their hand like a claw and yell "Sic 'em Bears!"   If all of this wasn't enough, Maddy took the boys to see the bears who live on campus.  Yep, Baylor has real live bears.  Maddy insisted that the boys sleep at her house and sent Kurt and I off to our hotel.

So, this year's parents weekend  was different, yet our conversation when we were alone was much the same. "Isn't she great?"  "Isn't she turning into a lovely adult?"  "She's a great daughter."   "She a great sister."  "We are so lucky" "Aren't you so proud?"  "Me too."