You're Adopted. Hahahahaha! (caution: sarcasm ahead)

I was innocently wasting time on my one of my favorite websites, Pinterest (an online pin board, where you can get all sorts of ideas for decorating, cooking, diy stuff...very cool) and I came across the babies to my left.  And boy, did I laugh!  I mean who wouldn't, right?  This is side splitting humor.  Who cares that they are babies and wouldn't know or care if they were adopted, some hilarious adult came up with that funny caption.  Oh, too be so clever!

Being a woman who loves humor, I googled 'you're adopted' images.  Jackpot!  What a comfort to know that in a world where we can't openly make fun people based on things like race, religion or sexual orientation, we can still make fun of adoption and not worry about the feelings adoptees!  Thank goodness that political correctness has it's limits.

I couldn't add all of the great images that I found, so I had to limit myself to my favorites.  I just ordered the t-shirt to my left, in fact, I ordered them for my whole family.  Prepare to laugh when we are all wearing them in next year's Christmas card photo.

I can't decide which is the funniest, but the black boy with the white parents, who just found out he was adopted is way up there.  I know, I know, that may just be because I am a white woman with black sons.  But still.  I am roaring.

 Oh and the girl telling her friend that she's adopted, cruel and funny (the perfect humor combination)! would the friend (or should I say frienemy) know of her adoption?  Who cares.  Funny is funny and that's just funny.

A dad telling his kids they are adopted. That is the best.

A toddler, who can't read, crying at the cake telling her she's adopted.  Extraordinarily funny, particularly when you add the cat.  Seriously, I am crying from laughing so hard.

Tiger Woods yelling at his former wife with the caption,   "You're adopted.  No one loves you."  Brilliant!  It's obvious that an adopted person, who had parents that went out of their way to become parents, is an unloved person. Who cares that Elin wasn't adopted!  Oh my.  Just can't control this laughter.  I just snorted!

The great thing is "You're adopted" is so funny that when you say the same thing and just change the photo it becomes funny all over again.

I could go on and on but surely, I don't need to.  You probably need a break from all this hilarity!

I will admit, however, that the Robert Pattinson one.  "Why not?  Because you're adopted."  I just don't get that one.  But, he is cute and it must be funny so I really wanted to share it with you.

I sure hope you enjoyed these as much as I have.  If I made milk come out of your nose or you bumped your head when you feel out of your chair laughing, I hope you'll forgive me.