My Big Shot Moment at the Movies

Something cool happened to me recently.  It made me feel like a big shot.  Not like a celebrity big shot, but like a 'how cool is this?' big shot.  My mother always warned me against bragging but I am going brag anyway and it is partially due to her that I had my big shot moment.  All because my parents adopted me, I got to go to a screening of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" a couple of weeks ago. started with my parents anyway.  Because they adopted me and were so totally awesome, I wanted to build my own family through adoption.  Because having the girls (by birth) and adding the boys through adoption gave me so much that I wanted to share, I began to blog about my experiences with adoption.  This all led to someone involved with marketing "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" reading my blog and deciding to invite me and my family to a screening of the movie.

Mikias and Maddy 
Maddy (our 21 year old) and I took Mikias and Jemberu to see the movie. Kurt and Devyn were both out of town and really missed out.  The boys are fans of action and adventure and this movie was neither, yet they were completely engaged.  The whole ride home, we talked about different moments of the movie and we all declared it fabulous (my word, Maddy's word was perfect, Mikias and Jemberu both used awesome).

I was under no obligation to blog about the movie and I knew I wouldn't unless it either offended me or blew me away.  It sure didn't offend me.  I loved it.  Really, really loved it. I don't want to tell you too much about it because I am afraid I would make the movie not sound as good as it really is. You can check out the trailer, The Odd Life of Timothy Green to get an idea.

I will admit that my life experiences probably predisposed me to love this movie.  I know what it is to be loved by parents I was not born to.  I know what it is love a child not born to me as intensely as one who was.  I know what it is to begin parenting a child rather than a baby.  I know that not everyone gets or appreciates that a child not born to you can still be your own.  So much of this movie I related to, yet I really wouldn't call it an adoption movie. In fact, Timothy wasn't adopted, he came from the garden (Oh, how I love the magic of the movies!)  Rather it was a great family movie with a positive adoption message.  Also, I had reserved seats right behind the press and that impressed Maddy and the boys and made me feel special.  So, I will fully admit that I was in a great mood and expecting a good movie.  I can't say for sure, but I think even apart from my adoption ties and my VIP treatment, I would have loved the movie.  Had they given me free Diet Coke and popcorn I probably couldn't write this with a clear conscience but they didn't, so I can.

I know that most of the readers of this blog have a connection to adoption.  I was really touched by "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" and want to know how other people (not just those in the adoption community) feel about it.  Go see it.  Let me know.