One of the Best Days of my Life

Yesterday morning was typical, I was making pancakes and french toast on the griddle, talking on the phone with Devyn, while being tapped on the leg by Jemberu who is trying to trick me into giving him answers to his math homework (he knows I'll do most anything to make him stop tapping me while I am on the phone).  Mikias is setting the table, while rapping a song he made up about being bored (where he spells out the word bored over and over to a kind of catchy rhythm). The dog is whining that he wants to go out even though he just came in and I am struggling to hear Devyn on her blue tooth and empathize about the stress she is feeling about studying for the bar exam while planning a wedding.

She was in the middle of a sentence when I heard squealing tires, crunching metal and then silence.  Then I heard crying, Devyn telling me she was in an accident and she thinks it is really bad.  She reassures me that she is not hurt.  She tells me she will call me right back.

Mikias stopped rapping.  Addis stopped whining.  Jem looked up from his homework.  I don't recall saying anything to Devyn other than "okay call me as soon as you can" but I suppose the look on my face told them something was wrong.

I said, "Devyn was in an accident."  

"Just now?  This minute?"

"Yes.  She is okay though."

They both immediately teared up.  Jem put his hand to his heart and breathlessly said, "Thank God."

We stared at each other, even Addis, and willed the phone to ring again.

What if she thinks she is okay but really isn't?  We were all thinking it.

We wanted to jump in the car and go to her.  But she is in Delaware and we are in Massachusetts.  We had to wait.

Finally she called back and reassured me  that she really was okay.  The seat beat ripped the dress she was wearing.  She was a little banged up from the airbags that deployed to keep her safe.  But she was really okay.  She told me her car was ruined.  I couldn't have cared less.  She was okay.

Later she sent me photos of her car.  I lost it.  She could have died.  She is okay.  I am filled to the top with gratitude.

Last night as we tried to fall asleep, my tears would not stop.  I was not blubbering as I am prone to.  It was like my eyes had a mind of their own and they just wouldn't stop.  Since the tears were falling on Kurt's chest, it was hard for him to ignore them.

"She's okay."  he reassured me

"This could have been the worst day of our lives.  But it's not.  She's okay.  We are so lucky."

"But your crying."

"I am just so grateful."

Going to game one of the 2004 World Series at Fenway.  The first time I saw the face of each of my kids.  Marrying the boy I loved.  Riding an elephant in Nepal.  Sitting at cold little league baseball game  and having my dad wrap me in his warm sweatshirt. These are some of the best days of my life.  Now there is this.  Yesterday could have been the worst day of my life.  But it wasn't.  So it became a best day.